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clerk integrates ratings fully into its database and exposes the ratings in track and album lists.
To filter by a specific rating use "r=n" as part of your input.
+# Usage
+ clerk [command] [-f]
+ Commands:
+ -a Add/Replace album(s) to queue.
+ -l Add/Replace album(s) to queue (sorted by mtime)
+ -t Add/Replace track(s) to queue.
+ -p Add stored playlist to queue
+ -r [-A, -T] Replace current playlist with random songs/album
+ -u Update caches
+ Options:
+ -f Use fzf interface
+ Without further arguments, clerk starts a tabbed tmux interface
+ Hotkeys for tmux interface can be set in $HOME/.config/clerk/clerk.tmux
+ clerk version 4.0
+# Hotkeys
+Tab: select item(s)
+Enter: perform action on item
+## Hotkeys for tmux interface
+F1: albums view
+F2: tracks view
+F3: albums view (sorted by mtime)
+F4: playlist view
+F5: queue view (uses ncmpcpp by default, can be changed in clerk.conf)
+F10: random pane
+C-F5: previous song
+C-F6: toggle playback
+C-F7: stop playback
+C-F8: next song
+C-F1: show hotkeys
+C-q: quit clerk tmux interface
+All tmux hotkeys can be changed in clerk.tmux file.